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This journal will just be posts of cool memes about writing and things that inspire my writing (No, not another page about Norman Reedus, I promise). Pics people, mostly pics.

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This is so true, there is always some story spinning in my head, even when I have a touch of writer's block there is always a story just trying to spring forth and find it's way to paper!!

Here's a little "Writing How To" if you will....

I had a block this past Holiday season, almost two weeks of not being able to get thoughts on a page.  Very frustrating.  So while I was trying to be productive I turned to Pinterest to find some thoughts that might help me in my quest to push through.  Not just writing prompts but reminders of what makes good writing, the structure of it all.  I am a fan of outlining when it comes to big stories but what rounds out a story, makes it pace well.  Here are some thoughts on "Scenes".


So if that is how many scenes you need for each type of book, how do they figure into the math of it all?371c10da0b42e35bfffb5c9ea1d141961.jpg

Now let's drill down a little more.  Paragraphs:


And deeper... Sentences:



If writing is your passion, you have to work at it.  Consider it a job, one you need constant training for.  Just because people like one story you wrote or even one book, you can't let yourself stop training.  The best way to train as a writer is to be a reader.  And if that fails....


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